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While listening to a cultural program on radio, I heard the riveting words of poet Oku Onuora coming through my speakers. The bass of his voice as he spoke the words “…there will be no peace until equal rights and justice” reverberating and awakening the artist within me. 

One of my first poetic pieces was entitled, Pollution. It focused on multiple forms of pollution, including speech, garbage, scientific, nuclear, etc. My primary stage was the corners within the community. I was the youngest youth practicing the craft of Dub Poetry while most of my other peers where venturing into the new and more popular genre of Reggae music called Dancehall.

It was lonely in my community back home, however my notebook and pencil often carried me beyond my immediate surroundings. Over the course of my younger years, I would continue to learn and study with the originators of this growing traditional form of expression. As Jamaica endured a period of socio-political uprisings, the role of the poet became all the more vital to the authentic reporting of the conditions we were living through. READ MORE…

‘Metaphysical Journey’ is an album about Dub Poetry. It chronicles the life of everyday experiences. The poems are musical food for the mind, body, and soul. ‘Metaphysical Journey’ has provided poetic ammunitions to liberate and protect the free thinkers.



Dub Poems & Quotes from the Mind of Ras Atiba

Dub Poet, Ras Atiba was born Emile Ivy in the island of Jamaica. He started writing poetry in the late 80s. As a Dub Poet, he has performed locally and internationally. Ras Atiba is based in Brooklyn, New York where he coordinates a regular arts and culture workshop for people of all ages. 

He is the CEO of Ah Time Ras Productions and leader of Sarabita World Band. Ras Atiba attended Mountain View Primary and Vauxhall High School. His poetic abilities has landed him in a few movies, ‘What Goes Around’, directed and produced by Te-Hut Nine and ‘Fork In the Road’ produced and directed by Te-Hut and Mykol Fox

‘Poems and Quotes From The Mind of Ras Atiba’ will summarize a journey of observations from a visionary.