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‘Metaphysical Journey’ is an album about Dub Poetry. It chronicles the life of everyday experiences. The poems are musical food for the mind, body, and soul. ‘Metaphysical Journey’ has provided poetic ammunitions to liberate and protect the free thinkers.


In 2014, Ras Atiba released his latest single titled ‘It was so nice’. ‘

It was so nice” was written for all ladies who have supported me throughout my musical journey; my mother, daughter, sisters, significant others, and the beautiful ladies who are doing great things right now for their family and loved ones.

The Sarabita World Band
The Sarabita World Band with Dub Poet, Ras Atiba and friends was established over a year ago by Ras Atiba and Douglas Guthrie. Our focus is on world music; reggae, jazz and dancehall. The band members are from all around the world, which is the beautiful part of the Sarabita World Band. Our purpose is to serve refreshing entertainment to the world!

The Sarabita World Band Members
Douglas Guthrie (Saxaphone)
Festus (Bass Guitar)
Beko (Drums)
Blue Asanti (Keyboards)
Eric (Keyboards)
Chris Fletcher (Keyboards)
Mark Boogie (Guitar)
Al Jam (Guitar)
Steady (Drums)
Owen (Trombone)
Gerry (Drums)